Matrix2Metrics For Crunch Time

Authors: Kiara Sitiriche & Gabriela Soto-Canetti

Public Health and Epidemiology students are constantly facing different tasks that elevate their stress levels. Not only do they have tests and deadlines they have to meet, but also investigations that require the gathering of a variety of data and information. This data is often scattered around different platforms and requires a significant time commitment in order to find the data and correctly analyze it. Oftentimes this process proves to be inconvenient to students managing multiple assignments and deadlines. 

Time management is an essential skill every person must master in order to be successful. As a student, it is important to prioritize and make use of your time in the most efficient way in order to bring that skill to your future as a professional.  However, these processes can be greatly facilitated through outside sources.

A platform like Matrix2Metrics (M2M) is ideal for students to access reliable information all in one place and at high speed and improve one’s efficiency through careful and prudent use of time and organization. Here are some methods to accomplish these tasks effectively:

  1. Prioritizing your work: Let’s say you have an upcoming deadline for your thesis or a research project. It’s important to put your focus on what is due first instead of feeling overwhelmed by having to complete low priority tasks. M2M will allow you to prioritize your work effectively by providing quick and easy-to-find data. Getting to know the platform first is a simple step that can save you time in prioritizing your assignments. 
  2. Being realistic in what you can do in a day: Don’t pressure yourself into wanting to finish certain sections of your project in a day. M2M has the benefit that you can fit in certain tasks into a shorter amount of time. Since accessing metrics with M2M is such a speedy process, it allows you to be realistic about your daily to-do’s. Doing too much work at once can lead to unnecessary anxiety and burnout. 
  3. Dealing with interruptions: You may receive emails or notifications pertaining to different deadlines. Turning off or muting these interruptions for the time you are working on your project is important. Receiving emails, text messages or app notifications can shift your focus. Due to this, M2M has the benefit of providing quick results, which leaves you with more time to attend other responsibilities and investigations.
  4. Managing Procrastination: Putting off tasks is something that many people experience. A way to tackle this is to break off big tasks into smaller ones in order to complete them in a smaller time frame. M2M has three different features which can each pertain to specific parts of your thesis or investigations. This can prove to be beneficial in the division of tasks since you do not have to use the entire platform to complete just one task.

These are situations many people face because it can be difficult to calculate your time correctly when you have so much on your plate.  Nevertheless, having a variety of functions and ways to portray information, M2M would be desirable for students of any background as it can be helpful in the process of developing scientific hypotheses. There are three main applications students can take advantage of when making use of Matrix2Metrics.

  • M2M Analytics: Provides scientifically analyzed data with state-of-the-art statistical methods in order to help students understand population health patterns
  • M2M Trends: Allows you to follow trends for population-based health-related metrics.
  • M2M Dynamics: Allows you to view and download plots and tables to create your own report.

The M2M platform can be helpful in the process towards developing your own hypothesis about a health outcome. Take this example: imagine you are writing a research project on lifetime asthma and you want to determine whether specific environmental factors act as determinants for asthma morbidity in a specific population. You already have your question, but you need some data to construct your hypothesis. This is where M2M comes along. With M2M Trends you can determine the prevalence of asthma in your specific population, raw data at the tip of your fingers. Further, M2M Analytics will provide you with statistically derived metrics that will tell you whether your hypothesis is accurate or not. Finally, M2M Dynamics will aid you in the creation of your own report so you can present the results of your research. All of this in one place. 

Matrix2Metrics is the perfect solution for a Public Health student’s busy schedule.  This platform provides access to analyzed data in an all-encompassing platform that allows you to obtain information within seconds. Not only is it a useful tool to develop documents like your student thesis, but will also save you time in developing extracurricular papers and scientific articles while enhancing your learning experience.

If you are a student or professional and would like to explore the Matrix2Metrics platform, feel free to visit, and join our Feedback Program to get early access.

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