Outcome Project is a data science company that provides straightforward solutions that transform complex data into an easily accessible, up-to-date metrics analyzed by experts. Our solutions range from data management and analytics to web-based platform development for real-time data reporting aimed to enhance informed-decisions capabilities.


Grow as an organization that provides institutions, uninterrupted, accurate and reliable information to contribute to the advancement of knowledge discovery.


Enhance decision-making capabilities within the healthcare industry.


Having precise and factual information transforms businesses, institutions and even the world by strengthening its capacity to make accurate decisions.



José A. Bartolomei­ Díaz, PhD is an expert in epidemiologic surveillance, computational biostatistics, and data visualization. Dr. Bartolomei is an Epidemiologist and Bio-statistician with longstanding experience in the design and development of data systems to support performance monitoring and evaluation of service programs. He has contributed to public health and science by developing the Puerto Rico Asthma Surveillance System, the Strategic Guide for the Food, Nutrition and Physical Activity Surveillance System of Puerto Rico and the surveillance system for the Puerto Rico Medical Licensing Board at the Puerto Rico Department of Health. In addition, has designed and conducted several epidemiological studies in the area of cancer, diabetes and asthma drug utilization for institutions such as the University of Puerto Rico. During his career, he has retrieved, managed and analyzed data from complex sampling surveys such as the BRFSS, mortality data from the Puerto Rico Vital Statistics Records, and claims data from private and governmental health insurance institutions

Epidemiological Surveillance Reports


Nilsa Camareno García, MSW has experience in behavioral sciences field and expertise in program development, evaluation, capacity building, technical assistance, outreach and research in a community setting. Mrs. Camareno has certifications in Advanced Supervision, Reflective Supervision and Coaching per Values. She has Entrepreneurship Studies, a Professional Medical Representative Certification, and is a member of “Junta de Prácticas Basadas en Evidencia de Puerto Rico”.