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Get early access to the Matrix 2 Metrics platform and start exploring up-to-date and scientifically analyzed health-related metrics. Together we can unlock new possibilities and transform how we generate health-related insights.

Access up-to-date and scientifically analyzed health-related metrics that help you detect changes and define new trends with timely, relevant, and easily interpretable data.


M2M Trends
Monitor health-related outcomes to identify changes in trends.

M2M Analytics
Access to millions of statistical calculations that offer population-based health-related metrics with up-to-date data.

M2M Analytics
Scientifically analyzed data with state of the art statistical methods.

M2M Dynamics
View and download plots and tables to create your own report.

As a health-related professional

Interpret and generate new insights based on the scientifically analyzed health-related metrics available on the platform.

Make crucial and well-informed decisions faster, while helping your organization achieve its program goals.

Provide fast and reliable information to your audience with up-to-date and easy to find health-related metrics.

Health-related KPIs:


The Feedback Program encourages professionals and students in the health industry to explore the latest version of Matrix 2 Metrics and share their experience with us to further develop the platform.

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Participants will have full access to Matrix 2 Metrics until September 30, 2020. During this period, feel free to share your experience and suggestions through the platform’s feedback tab or via email at

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